Configuration parameters

You can specify configurations by editing the file.

Variable name Description Default value
CYGNUS A sub-domain name of Cygnus (empty)
CYGNUS_MONGO Use MongoDB sink for Cygnus. (true or false) false
CYGNUS_MYSQL Use MySQL sink for Cygnus. (true or false) false
CYGNUS_POSTGRES Use PostgreSQL sink for Cygnus. (true or false) false
CYGNUS_ELASTICSEARCH Use Elasticsearch sink for Cygnus. (true or false) false
CYGNUS_EXPOSE_PORT Expose port for Cygnus. (none, local, all) 5051 for Mongo, 5050 for MySQL, 5055 for PostgreSQL, 5058 for Elasticsearch none
CYGNUS_LOG_LEVEL Set logging level for Cygnus. (INFO, DEBUG) info
ELASTICSEARCH A sub-domain name of Elasticsearch (empty)
ELASTICSEARCH_JAVA_OPTS Set Java options for Elasticsearch -Xmx256m -Xms256m
ELASTICSEARCH_EXPOSE_PORT Expose port (none, local, all) for Elasticsearch none

How to setup

To set up Cygnus, configure some environment variables in

First, set a sub-domain name for Cygnus to CYGNUS= as shown:


And set one or more databases used for storing persistent data to true:


When using Elasticsearch, set a sub-domain name for Elasticsearch as shown: