Configuration parameters

You can specify configurations by editing the file.

Variable name Description Default value
KEYROCK A sub-domain name of Keyrock (Required) keyrock
IDM_ADMIN_USER A name of an admin user for Keyrock admin
IDM_ADMIN_EMAIL An email address of an admin user for Keyrock IDM_ADMIN_USER @ DOMAIN_NAME
IDM_ADMIN_PASS A password of an admin user for Keyrock (Automatically generated)
IDM_DEBUG Use logging for Keyrock (true or false) false
POSTFIX Use Postfix (local delivery). (true or false) false
WILMA_AUTH_ENABLED Whether to enable basic authentication on the PEP proxy. (true or false) false

How to setup

To set up Keyrock, configure an environment variable in Set a sub-domain name for Keyrock to KEYROCK= as shown: