Configuration parameters

You can specify configurations by editing the file.

Variable name Description Default value
KEYROCK A sub-domain name of Keyrock (Required) keyrock
IDM_ADMIN_USER A name of an admin user for Keyrock admin
IDM_ADMIN_EMAIL An email address of an admin user for Keyrock IDM_ADMIN_USER @ DOMAIN_NAME
IDM_ADMIN_PASS A password of an admin user for Keyrock (Automatically generated)
IDM_DEBUG Use logging for Keyrock (true or false) false
KEYROCK_POSTGRES Use PostgreSQL as backend database for Keyrock. (true or false) false
POSTFIX Use Postfix (local delivery). (true or false) false

How to setup

To set up Keyrock, configure an environment variable in Set a sub-domain name for Keyrock to KEYROCK= as shown: