System administration

Files and directories layout

The following files and directories will be created.

File or directory Description
. A root directory of FI-BB. It's a directory in which you ran command.
./docker-compose.yml A config file for docker compose which has the configuration information of FIWARE GEs.
./.env A file which has environment variables for docker-compose.yml file.
./Makefile A file for make command.
./config A directory which has configuration files for running Docker containers.
./config/keyrock/whitelist.txt A whitelist of email domains for Keyrock. See Keyrock documentation in detail.
./data A directory which has persistent data for running Docker containers.
/etc/letsencrypt A directory which has server certificate files.
/var/log/fiware A directory which has log files.
/etc/rsyslog.d/10-fiware.conf A config file for rsyslog. In the case of CentOS Stream, Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux, the filename is 'fiware.conf'.
/etc/logrotate.d/fiware A config file for logroate.
/etc/cron.daily/fi-bb-cert-renew A config file for cron

Make command for system administration

You can manage your FIWARE instance with make command. Run the make command in a directory where you ran the script.

Command Description
admin Print a username and a password for Admin user
get-token Get an OAuth2 access token
multi-server Print variables for multi-server installation
mqtt Print variables for MQTT
subdomains Print list of subdomains
collect Collect system information
log Print log for FIWARE Big Bang (/var/log/fiware/fi-bb.log)
log-dir List files in the log directory (/var/log/fiware)
logrotation Rotate log files
ps List docker containers for FIWARE instance
build Build docker containers for FIWARE instance
up Create and start docker containers for FIWARE instance
down Stop and remove docker containers for FIWARE instance
clean !CAUTION! Clean up FIWARE instance including your all data
restart-wilma Restart Wilma containers
nginx-test Test configuration for nginx
nginx-reload Reload configuration for nginx
cert-renew Renew all server certificates
cert-revoke !CAUTION! Revoke all server certificates for FIWARE instance
cert-list List server certificate files for FIWARE instance

Log files

The log files for FIWARE instance is created in the /var/log/fiware directory. And also the log files are rotated on a regular basis. Look at the /etc/logrotate.d/fiware file.

Server certificates

When installing, server certificates automatically are created or reused if already exists. They are renewed by a cron job. Look at the /etc/cron.d/fiware-big-bang file. And also you can renew or revoke server certificates manually with make command.

How to create environment for NGSI Go on another machine

Setup NGSI Go

To setup NGSI Go on another machine, see here And copy and run the script on the machine. It asks you an admin email and a password.